Service, Modernization and Full Lift Replacement.

ABN LIft Consultants provides wide range of consulting services for existing installation. We can assist with service audits and compliance, upgrades and modernization or full lift replacements assessments.

Services offered include:

  • Safety and Compliance Reports
  • Condition of equipment
  • Maintenance Contracts Specifications
  • Maintenance Tendering and Evaluation
  • Performance Audits
  • Elevator Modernization Concepts
  • Documentation and Tendering
  • Lift Interior Design
  • Full Lift Replacement Assessment

We also offer reports on sustainability upgrades as per Low Carbon Australia inclusive of:

  • Estimated Energy & Carbon savings,
  • Description of recommended actions,
  • Equipment schedule,
  • Estimated Project costing,
  • Financial case including a simple payback and project timeline,
  • Details regarding required authorities approvals,

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